Licensing for estate agents

A license for UK estate agents has been introduced for the first time in a major push to raise standards in the industry. The licence was launched at the House of Commons yesterday by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). The NAEA says more must be done to protect consumers from unprofessional agents. A licensed estate agency branch means consumers are guaranteed that at least one agent within that branch is qualified in residential property sales, either through a formal qualification or through length of service in the industry. Currently there is no barrier to anyone setting up and practising as an estate agent. There is no legal requirement for estate agents to obtain the new licence, leaving consumers with a clear choice over whether they choose a licensed or unlicensed agent.

Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the NAEA, said: “Nobody would knowingly get into an unlicensed taxi. However thousands of people are willing to entrust one of most important transactions of their life to people who are not qualified or experienced. We would like all sellers and buyers to ask their prospective agents, ‘Do you have a licence?’. If they don’t, they should ask themselves whether that’s the best place to market their property. From today estate agency in the UK is a two-tiered industry – those agents who are licensed and those who are not. I think the public will welcome the distinction and I believe that this move will raise standards across the industry.”

Housing Minister Grant Shapps said: “For years I’ve been calling for better standards throughout this industry, so I’m delighted the NAEA are taking matters into their own hands and launching a licensing scheme that will ensure their members become known for their professionalism and integrity. I call on all estate agents to sign up and make sure they’re not left behind when consumers vote with their feet. This is exactly the sort of measure the housing market needs – simple and sensible changes that are driven by industry and designed to deliver results. By ensuring they enjoy the trust of people buying and selling homes, estate agents will inject greater confidence and movement in the housing market. In future anyone looking to buy a home or sell theirs should ask the simple question of their estate agents – “are you licensed?”


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