Beautiful presentation makes all the difference

This stunning country cottage just south of Bath had been languishing on the market with two “upper market” Bath agents for 2 years. Cardinal marketing sins committed included grey unfocused photos (never updated), limited newspaper advertising, unaccompanied viewings, boards left up for months, no feedback to vendors and multiple web entries per agent on Rightmove.

Having known the vendor for many years, we were invited to see what we could do to refresh the marketing. The owner, somewhat weary of agents by then, needed straight talking advice and quick action. The photos were simple to correct, involving only a few visits at different times of day to capture sun on both front and rear elevations and a decent wide angle camera for the inside. An interactive floorplan allowed us to expose photos and plans together, whilst a 3D plan captured the imagination of buyers from Rightmove. Within a week we had a full brochure ready that, in the vendors own words “knocked the socks off” anything he had seen in the preceding 2 years. Teamed with a half page in the local paper and full coverage across 21 web portals, we achieved viewings immediately and an offer within 3 weeks (the previous agents had showed over 45 clients the house without any success and continued with the occasional fruitless viewing during our marketing). Due to chain problems below, the first offer didn’t proceed to completion but we had two back up buyers in waiting and one has just exchanged on the property today!

As many industry professionals have already discussed in their own blogs and newsletters, how we present our stock really does make all the difference to selling homes. With most buyers now using the internet exclusively to search for property, agents must create the very best showcase for our clients – even if this means repeated visits to get the job done right. Top line visibility for the product only delivers the goods when hand in hand with excellent presentation.


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