Weston Park Estate history

The origins of the Weston Park Estate date from 1810, when local landowners began to rapidly develop the land between Weston Road (near to the current site of the Old Crown public house) and Royal Victoria Park (opened in 1830). Along with the Leir and Murch families, the four Spurway brothers owned the majority of the land in Weston Park (predominantly acquired in the mid 1700’s by their grandfather’s brother Samuel Purlewent, a Lincolns Inn lawyer and property speculator, or their father Capt John Spurway R.N). In fact, the 1849 Weston census records the Spurway brothers owned approximately 252 acres – 10% of the land in the parish.

From the present day junction of Weston Park and Lucklands Road, several houses were built from 1810 and named as Weston Grove (a pastel painted terrace of four Georgian homes still survive as a reminder of the development). Following the line of old field paths, Weston Park Road was opened in 1855 and conveyances for properties along Weston Park appear under the Spurway name in 1869 (Summerfield) and 1877 (The Elms).

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