Interactive plans – don’t Rightmove like them?

We love our interactive floorplans and so do the buying public – our testimonials mention time and again how useful buyers find it to be able to look at plans and photos simultaneously. So, when Rightmove’s latest software update removed our plans to the very bottom of the details, we were understandably upset.

Now, when you look at a property on Rightmove, you get the usual pictures and basic floorplans highlighted at the top of the page (“above the fold” in web parlance), whereas our interactive plans are now hidden right at the bottom of the page next to brochures. Illogical? We think so.

Rightmove maintain that this change is due to their rollout of “bigger photos” and that they have seen no difference in activity. I disagree in that I have noted a marked drop off in extra detail views via Rightmove Plus and I prefer to believe that agents using higher quality technology are being unfairly penalised in favour of the mass market. When challenged, Rightmove’s response to this point was “if enough agents complain, we will put the issue to the technical department” and “most agents don’t put much text on details so the plans are still easily viewable”. Well, I do put full text on my details and I’m not being penalised because some corporate agents can’t be bothered to do a proper job.

So, if enough people shout, someone MIGHT do something? Since relatively few agents across the UK use interactive plans, there will never be a large number of complaints but that doesn’t mean the user experience should suffer. Estate agents still have a pretty bad reputation so anything we can do to make the property details more comprehensive should be encouraged. Buyer feedback supports this 100% and, as the bill payers to Rightmove, estate agents should be able to showcase their best products in the most customer friendly format.

If you have an opinion either way, email me at contact via Twitter (Madison_Oakley). All comments will then be forwarded onto Rightmove.

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