Photos of Bath – Lansdown, Bathwick, Widcombe, Royal Crescent and the city centre

Macaulay Bldgs, Widcombe, Bath

Bath panorama

Widcombe Basin to Bathwick

These pictures and many more are posted in an album on our Facebook page. Although not strictly directly useful for estate agency in Bath, we find our clients appreciate us going the extra mile to show purchasers the environment around the properties we have for sale. We’ve also been pleasantly surprised at the number of members of the public visiting us to say how much they enjoy the photos we take – we do pride ourselves on the quality of our media and take great effort in revisiting places and properties time and again until we have exactly the right shot. Many estate agents in Bath are satisfied with a quick snap of the outside of the property for sale but we now have a visual marketing package that includes the following;

  • Interactive floorplans with internal photos embedded within the plans
  • Walkthrough video tours – taken from the perspective of a viewer 
  • Aerial and panoramic photos of the immediate local area
  • Archive photos of streets and areas from historical documents and locally published guides
  • O/S, local and parish maps dating from 1780 to present day
    We’ve found that having this information available enhances the presentation of our properties for sale on various websites, as well as within the local property newspapers. This, in turn, increases the activity on each property from potential purchasers. When allied to our other marketing resources (historical research, office window displays, purchaser mailing lists ect), we can truly say every home is comprehensively presented for sale.

 Photos taken from Alexandra Park (Bear Flat, Bath) on May 19th.

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