Photographing property in Bath

Bath is famously a city of seven hills – lovely to live in, beautiful to look at but it does present some practical difficulties when photographing some city homes. Here’s an example of the front of one house (two storey detached with the lower level below ground when viewed from the front)

Elliston Drive, Southdown

Doesn’t promise much, does it? You’d think the most sensible option was to take a rear elevation photo but the garden is steeply terraced and the houses behind too close to take a distance shot with a zoom lens. So, out with the conventional rulebook. We decided to showcase the best aspect of the house – the views – in order to capture buyers attention, whilst keeping the front photo as the next available shot for the sake of honesty. Here’s what we came up with as the main image;

Elliston Drive view

Aspirational enough for the buyers? We’ll see what happens when the property is released on various websites tonight but I bet this photo will get more takers than the one above!

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