Latest client feedback

After every exchange, we always ask vendors and purchasers what we did right and what we could have done better.As a relatively new business, we know there will always be tweaks to make to customer service, marketing communication and the like but both Will and I are very interested to see how our personal approach to estate agency is received by the people who matter – our clients. Below is the latest letter we received (22/7/2011) in its entirety;

Dear Carey

 Re: Sale of 8 Beaufort Place

 Thank you for your letter of 21st July 2011 congratulating us on the sale of the above property. I really think the congratulations is entirely yours as your persistence and patience during the ups and downs of this sale have been remarkable.

 It was truly our lucky day when you persuaded us to engage you to sell our late Mum’s house. As I live next door to the property, you immediately took on board the sensitivity needed to help us through this transaction. What initially seemed an easy and quick sale turned into somewhat of a challenge but you handled every twist and turn with patience and efficiency, personally keeping us informed of each issue as it cropped up.

 The research into the history of the house that you carried out, was fascinating and made us feel you, like us, saw this property as a real treasure.

You made us feel that we were of the utmost importance, which, I believe, is probably the gift you have that you share with all your clients. For me, who admittedly has had little experience of buying and selling property, you have single- handedly dispelled the somewhat dubious reputation earned by other estate agents.

 Not only have you helped us over what could have been a very painful time, but I am confident you have helped to find me lovely neighbours.  We would not dream of using any other Estate agent should the need arise in the future.

 Our sincere thanks go to you. With talents such as yours, I am certain your business is heading for well deserved success.

 With best wishes