What puts you off a property on Rightmove?

Opinions needed! When you’re looking at properties on the internet, what puts you off contacting the agent/requesting more details? We’ve been discussing this issue with our clients over the past month and have already heard some interesting opinions, so we thought it would be a good time to collect together some opinions and see if any patterns develop.

As agents, we know buyers want to see the maximum amount of information on the web. They expect multiple photos, floor plans, plenty of description and local information – if these items aren’t in place, we understand entirely why buyers would be put off. However, we’ve also heard from current clients about some more idiosyncratic “personal triggers”, preconceptions, assumptions or generalizations¬†that turn them off particular homes. As a starter, here’s some thoughts from our canvassing so far;

” If I see photos with the lights on, I assume the house is normally dark so I don’t bother seeing it”

“If the agent only puts three photos on the web, we think those are carefully chosen and the rest of the house is horrible”

“If the main picture is of the inside, I always wonder if the outside is ugly”

“If the agent doesnt make any effort with describing the house, they must think its awful themselves”

“Less is more – if the initial text is more than a line or two, I don’t bother reading further”

“The main picture should always be on the front of the house. Also any outside pictures should reflect the season – I don’t want to pick up details of a house in the spring if the photos show snow in the garden – highlights the facts it’s been up for sale for ages!”

“.. if there is no picture of say a kitchen or a bathroom for a property on Rightmove I’m inclined to think it must be in a state and the agent is trying to hide it so you end up being less inclined to enquire further of that particular one, even if it needs work, I would rather see it all.”

Please do let us know your thoughts by commenting below, contacting us on Twitter or Facebook (Madison_Oakley or www.facebook.com/MadisonOakleyEA) or emailing at carey@madisonoakley.co.uk.

Postscript – following retweets from Rightmove of this post and even a related thread on the housepricecrash forum, the following results are up to date as of 17th May 2012;

27% of respondents suggested quality/number of photos

9% of respondents suggested lack of outside photo

12% of respondents suggested badly written descriptions

24% of respondents suggested the price

12% of respondents suggested price caveats like “Fixed Price”, “Offers Over” or POA

3% of respondents suggested misnaming rooms (size of bedrooms being the most common bugbear)

6% of respondents suggested lack of floorplans

3% of respondents suggested lack of postcode or map software