Getting enraged at “Awaiting image”

I’m helping a few clients look for homes at the moment and spending a bit more time on property websites than usual. Normally, I’ll be checking our own properties or looking for comparables for valuations but now I’m having to look  from the buyers end a bit more.  I will be the first to admit I’m not a patient man at the best of times so, whilst doing this, I have found myself getting just a little bit enraged at some common habits;

“XXXX agents are pleased to present”

Of course you’re pleased but I don’t need to know! Don’t waste my time, just tell me about the property.

No floorplans

Seriously guys, its the 21st century.  Make a bit of effort, you’ll get more interest and I’ll won’t have to puzzle out your details.

Rubbish photos

Did you check them before you uploaded them onto the computer? You did? And you put them on anyway? Sheesh.

Awaiting image

You know that the first time a property goes on the net, it gets auto mailed to those buyers who’ve registered for updates. If you haven’t added the photos (or much else half the time), that’s what the buyers get to see and they don’t get resent it unless it drops in price by a certain percentage. Would you bother clicking on something without a photo? No, I didn’t think so.