First time buyers losing out in Oldfield Park

Having sold quite a few homes in the area in January, we have met plenty of young couples and small families hoping to live in Oldfield Park. Sadly, in almost every house sale recently, these clients have been beaten to the properties by investors wishing to buy to let to students. Experienced cash buyers are hard to resist for sellers so I can see why this happens but it does leave a large proportion of the market chasing very few homes, or being continually excited and then disappointed in short order.

If you live in the area and are looking to move (but don’t fancy selling to investors), here’s a few examples of the residential buyers we have met this week and their requirements;

Mr/s H- Brighton relocating couple in rented accommodation seeking sub 250k 2 bed character house south of Moorland Rd. Upper geographical limit approx Ivy Av. Garden required, on street parking acceptable. Not afraid of doing internal upgrading  if necessary. Looking to move in July onwards.

Miss J – currently renting in Weston on 1mth notice and looking for something like our last St Kildas Rd sale (250k 2 bed 2 reception first floor bathroom)

Mr & Mrs C – helping to buy for son and partner as a first home. Needs accommodation by end July latest and looking for good condition 2 bed Victorian Oldfield Park terrace with garden (size unimportant). Financing with savings so large deposit/small mortgage and price limit up to 275k

Mr & Mrs G – two adults, three kids all looking for a 3 bed Victorian or 1930’s house that can loft convert in the Lymore Avenue area. Budget circa 250 – 265k

We are also going to multiple offers on a property this Monday – from the number of offers it is likely we will have at least two further young couples who will have been unsuccessful in their bids and will therefore need alternatives!

If you can help any of the above clients, please do call or pop in for a chat – we’re at 9 Moorland Rd or 2 Princes Buildings (George St) in Bath or on 01225 466525