More old photos of Bath

Aerial view Royal Crescent

Taken during the Second World War we think or certainly after the Bath Blitz of 1942 – Victoria Park below the Crescent has been segmented into Dig for Victory allotments and the remains of St Andrews Church are still standing behind the Crescent, albeit without its spire. 

Camden Crescent

A view of Camden Crescent that would be impossible to take now, given the growth of trees in Hedgemead Park. The park itself was opened in 1889 and I have seen alternative postcard photos from this angle with trams in but no evidence of tram lines in this one – that should make the latest date for this photo as 1904. (postscript – our friends on internet forums have confirmed “the photograph was published by Frith in about 1890 and was No. 25135. It could have been taken by John Poole of East Twerton”

Last car to Twerton

Annotated by the sender in the top right corner to read “come on chaps, plenty of room” and with a note on the reverse saying “ask Uncle Herb if he saw the trams loaded at Portsmouth like this”.