What can sellers do to help their estate agent?

If you’re selling your house, have you thought what you could be doing to help your estate agent do the best job they can?

Selling a property is often a team effort between you, your estate agent, solicitors, letting agents, tenants, tradesmen and so on. There’s plenty of advice on the internet about the estate agents responsibilities but not much for sellers so we’ve asked a selection of colleagues and other agents their thoughts.

The top 11 answers are below (in no particular order) but please do comment or message us if you have any ideas to add;

  1. Keep the property and garden uncluttered, tidy & clean
  2. Give your agent a key and vacate for viewings (particularly first viewings)
  3. Control pets
  4. If the sun comes out or you’ve rearranged the furniture, take photos and email to your agent to refresh the details
  5. Search out all your property paperwork & repair invoices and copy to the agent
  6. If you’ve asked the estate agent for advice on presentation or repairs, follow it through
  7. Move vehicles from driveways at viewing times to make it easier for viewers to park
  8. Tell the neighbours you’re moving and see if there’s anything they can do to help
  9. If you know you’ve got viewings coming up, be careful what you cook
  10. Agree specific viewing time slots per week in writing with any tenants and let the agent know
  11. Visit your agent to check property particulars as soon as they are ready – making changes or additions is more efficient when done collaboratively

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