Can you pick an estate agent with just one question?

As the daffodils bloom, numbers of valuations increase rapidly for agents and this year is no exception. Supply levels have been extremely low in Bath for a long time and agents are very keen to secure new instructions – with some, seemingly at any cost. However, once you’ve asked a few agents out, how do owners know how to make the right decision and how to choose the best agent for them?

It seems, yet again this year, that valuation and fee figures from agents are not only varying wildly but also many owners are still using solely this information to make their decision. As we have said many times before on this blog, asking prices and fees are important but are not the full picture.

 When you put your property on the market, you’re entering into a long process – a relationship with the agent that will last several months at least – so it’s always worth looking deeper to make sure you have based your decision on the right information.

 I’ve been thinking around this issue and chatting to a few other Bath agents for their opinions. Most agents have reported that owners ask very few questions of the agent on valuation so here’s one strategy that might help;


When you’re finished listening to the agent’s presentation, ask them this one question –


“In one word, what would your clients say is the reason they would recommend you”


After all, actual client feedback is not only the very best way to judge an agents performance but its also an interesting test of the agent to see whether they even know what paying customers think they are good at (rather than what they think they are good at!). Lastly, asking the agent to be that brief ensures you shouldn’t get a rehearsed answer.

 Why not compare the answers you get and cross reference against any published reviews/testimonials?

 What do you think the answers would be?