Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath – the evolution of a community high street


Moorland Rd


Sparked by a chance conversation with another Moorland Road shop owner, I thought I could do with a little historical research project in my copious spare time! The aim was to illustrate the many changes in our local community “high street” over approx 80yrs.

In the spreadsheet below, you’ll find a list of trades and occupations in all the shops and houses along Moorland Road – the data is taken from Post Office directories in snapshots from 1890 and then in stages by decade thereafter up to 1970. In the early stages of the study, occupations are listed alongside shop usage (as Moorland Rd was more housing than shopping in 1890) but, from then onwards, the results are as listed in the commercial sections of directories and most shop names have been replicated as displayed in those publications. If left blank, the property was either residential only or vacant in those years.

I’m sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes so do let me know if you spot any! Also, if anyone has any photos or pictures appropriate to the times described, do let me know at


Moorland Rd Occupation Spreadsheet – 1890 to 1970