Three tips to help you get property viewings just right

How do you get property viewings just right?

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to sell. The brochures look beautiful and enquiries are pouring in but you’re about to get to the really important bit – the viewings. Did you discuss who has the responsibility to do them & how are they going to be conducted? Of course you know your property best but is that the most important factor now?

Successful viewings include ingredients like qualification, organisation, security, convenience, punctuality, comfort, knowledge and empathy. The three tips below should help you integrate these into your sale;
1) When to do viewings? Consider waiting till after initial marketing so as many buyers as possible have a fair chance to see the property. Make sure after work and Saturdays are possible so “significant others” can be present and allow time for second viewings.

2) Agent or owner? Always the agent – less emotional connection, more honest feedback and experience in picking up on what matters & handling objections on the spot. Light the lamps, set the heating, give us a key, pop out and leave us to it.

3) Open house or private viewing? Open houses may be more efficient for the agent but a lot of buyers don’t like them and drop-out rates after offers are often significantly higher, because of the panic they inspire. Don’t ask buyers to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives with a claustrophobic atmosphere or high pressure tactics – give them the time a private viewing provides to ask questions.

One extra point – make sure the agent doing the viewing is experienced, knowledgeable and full time so all questions get answered on the spot and post viewing communication is improved.

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