Getting the best from your estate agent

“Best” – adjective – of the highest quality, or being the most suitable, pleasing, or effective type

Most of the time with estate agents, you’ll see the above word used in relation to the first part of the definition – “we are the best at…”. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet when you actually are the best at something or other, the second part of the definition has got to be more important to the customer – what can the agent offer that suits them best. On first glance, this might be the price quoted or the fee offered but there are other important answers worth considering if you’re thinking of selling

The central reason for employing an estate agent should be that we are here to get you the “best offer from the best buyer”.

This often isn’t the first person through the door or even necessarily the highest offer.

Ideally you should be offered a choice of buyers so you can pick the one most suitable to your needs or the most effective option.

For example, from recent sales with us, our owners have chosen particular buyers because their onward movements have been helped if they have a cash buyer behind them or they preferred to sell to a residential buyer rather than an investor as they get on very well with their current neighbours.

Whatever you might need from a buyer, its worth making sure your agent offers you a choice to make sure you get the best outcome for you.

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