In for Christmas? Six top tips to move in time

Six top tips for moving by Christmas – Just like Easter and the beginning of the summer hols, December is a very busy month in any year for movers. With about three months to go now, we’re right in the middle of the time many homemovers decide they want to be in the new pad by the festivities. This kind of self imposed deadline does put the pressure on a bit so how can you manage your move to hit the right dates?


Know your deadlines – the last date for completion this year is likely to be December 20th but some solicitors may differ on this.  Check with yours (and your buyers solicitor) to be sure. Remember many mortgage companies require 5 working days between exchange and completion so your target for the legal work to be done really needs to be before the 13th. As you might imagine, removal companies also get pretty busy around Christmas! Check their availability at least three weeks before you’re likely to move.


Pick the right estate agent – Check their average selling times to see who is the most proactive. Websites like Getagent will tell you the scores for your local agents and also give you invaluable info on how accurately they price. Choose one that can listen to your needs and has the time/resources to treat you as a priority. Beyond anything else, choose one you’re comfortable working with and you know will give you honest advice.

Price to attract a choice of buyers – Shooting for the top on price might mean only one buyer. Being a little more conservative might get you a choice, allowing you to match the timescales you want with the right buyer for you. Go for best buyer at best price. This might not be the first offer or even sometimes the highest!


Make your home’s top three selling points the headlines in your marketing – In a sea of other properties online, yours needs to stand out above the rest in all respects. Check your agent really highlights the best of your home in all their advertising.

Make sure your presentation is top notch – Once the buyers are coming through your door, help out your agent by creating the best first impression for viewers. Don’t let them be distracted from falling in love by thinking about minor repairs, mess or untidy gardens.

Pick a chain free buy – If you’re on a Christmas deadline, go for no chain properties. The average time from offer accepted to completion is 9 – 12 weeks. If the seller of the property you like hasn’t found somewhere to buy and won’t go into rented, you’ve got no idea how long it might take. Find out the owners position before you view and prioritise the properties with no chain if you want to be eating turkey in a new home.



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