Bath property market update – October 2019

As regards Bath property prices, 2019 has so far been very much a game of two halves. The beginning of the year saw a continuation of Brexit uncertainty affecting the local property market whereas the summer onwards showed significant signs of recovery. From our in house tracking of the vital local property statistics, the two Bath postcodes survived relatively unscathed in price terms with strong signals of growth recovery at the end of the summer holidays. The local Land Registry data below shows a spike in prices over the last recorded month of transactions (July completions) which went a long way to counteract the decline in prices experienced in the early part of the year. As you can see, BA1 is currently 6.5% up year on year whereas the more populous BA2 is holding steady at 0.1% down (compared to 4.1% up and 2.6% down in June figures).

So that’s prices but what about how many people are moving? HMRC data suggests a 12% drop on UK transaction numbers compared to July 2018. However, in Bath, we seem to have bucked that trend somewhat with BA1 and BA2 completion numbers only 2% and 6% down respectively. “On market” stock levels have now also returned to broadly standard seasonal patterns. Average time on market/selling times are now faster than midsummer levels, further reinforcing the theory we have turned the corner towards a gentle upslope.

Beyond the raw numbers, the market atmosphere has also, at least from our experience, shifted away from caution and conservatism. Having waited so long already for any sort of resolution, the autumn market has been extremely active and there is a definite feeling in Bath property as we move towards Christmas of “lets just get on with life”.


Bath property prices


Bath property prices

Above property price data provided via Propdex

Autumn crescent

Basic property stats below – collected 07/10/19. If you’d like to see our full spreadsheet covering data back to March 2017, its available to view at 2017-19 Bath prop data

Total property on market in Bath

Rightmove – 888

Zoopla – 697

OnTheMarket – 590 – 872

New Instructions in last 14 days

Rightmove – 156

Zoopla – 126

OnTheMarket – search option not available – 73

Average Time on Market

Less than 1 month – 18.8%

Less than 2 months – 34.2%

More than 1 year – 9.2%

Bath property prices

Selling Time in Bath (last 90 days)

Mean – 24 days

Median – 57 days

Properties for Sale in Bath by Price

Under 200k – 5.9%

200k to 300k – 18.4%

300k to 500k – 37%

500k+ – 38.5%

Mean Selling Times in Bath by price bracket

100 to 200k – 150days

200 to 300k – 137days

300 to 400k – 105days

400 to 500k – 129days

500k to 1million – 118days

1million+ – 139days

Property on market by Type

Flats – 36.8%

Terraced – 24%

Semi-detached – 21.1%

 Detached – 18.2%

Bath property prices