The perfect New Year moving date

The perfect New Year launch point for your home

Is 2020 the year you’re moving? If you’re thinking about selling in the New Year, you’ll probably hear quite a few opinions on exactly when you should start your property advertising. Some agents might tell you Christmas Day or Boxing Day is the perfect time to first advertise. Others might advise to get everything prepared well before Christmas. There are some good reasons for both points of view but what is the perfect answer? Here are a few tips for you to consider;

Preparation time

If you want the best results from the early stages of marketing, both you and your home have to be 100% ready. That means pulling out all the stops to get minor jobs completed, tidying up the garden and getting the inside ready for photos. Once you’ve done your share of the prep, your agent also needs time to get the photos and create a spot on brochure. All of this might be a bit of a stretch to get done in the run up to Christmas as you might have a few other things to occupy you!

Buyer availability

If you want to sell your house, you need viewings don’t you? The run up to Christmas is a pretty busy time for potential buyers doing other things than seeing properties (finishing work for the holidays, Christmas parties etc). The holidays themselves are probably going to be packed with visiting relatives or hitting the sales so, even before you factor in adverse weather, its unlikely you’d see a host of viewings during the festivities. The first two weeks of January are about the same – realizing how much you’ve spent over the holidays or easing yourself back to work don’t tend to make you want to jump into house viewings.

Property supply

The number of available properties on the market tends to drop sharply from late October onwards. The flow of new instructions slows dramatically and some owners who have been on for a while withdraw their homes for a break. You might think this is really good news – less competition after all – but buyers like a bit of a choice to view. Less stock can actually mean less activity all round. On the other hand, you don’t want to be going on the market at peak supply time (April/May in Bath last year) and have maximum competition so a good balance needs to be sought.

Website activity

This is the big one some agents will use. Look out for a whole host of ads and social media in December saying something like “seasonal surge in activity” or “millions of people search for property over Christmas”. The real truth is that the Christmas holidays are the absolute lowest autumn/winter point for activity on places like Rightmove. Yes, a lot of people are on Rightmove over Christmas but its a fraction of their usual traffic. Any “seasonal surge” is really just the public getting back to normal patterns and it happens after New Year not Christmas. Have a look at the graph below to see what I mean;

New Year stats


If you need exact figures, there were just over 11.9 million views on Rightmove on Christmas Day 2018 and 23.1 million views on New Years Eve 2018. However, by the 2nd Jan, views had climbed to 39 million, peaked at 40.3 million on the 13th and were holding around a steady 37 million per day from about the 19th Jan 2019.

So, whats the answer?

We think based on the above info that the perfect date for New Year marketing could be around the 13th Jan 2019 – you’ve got 10 days after the hols to get the house tidy, everyone is back at work, other new properties are coming to the market and most importantly the property websites are back up to full speed on views by then.

New Year

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