Peacocks, poultry, antiques and nonagenarian envelopes

Peacocks, poultry, antiques and nonagenarian envelopes

If you’d like an example of a little act of kindness to brighten up your day in these uncertain times, I’ll share with you a story that unfolded last week. Its got nothing at all to do with estate agency (which you may be thankful for) but instead is just about someone who made me happy with a lovely gesture they didn’t have to make.

As you may have noticed from our blog or our office, I collect quite a few old photographs of Bath. I found the photo below a few years ago – its from a signed copy I have of the Bath As It Was collection by Reece Winstone – and included it on our Pinterest collection ( It shows the Christmas display at Peacock & Sons fishmongers and poulterers (14 Union St, Bath) and is dated 20th December 1937.

Peacock & Sons

Last Monday, I received an email out of the blue from a lovely lady in London as follows;

“I have in my possession a piece of history attached to Messrs E Peacock and Sons of Union Street in Bath. It may be of interest as I saw the amazing photo of the shop somewhere with your details included.”

As you might imagine, I went straight back to her wondering what this “piece” might be. After a few emails back and forth to explain, it turned out she had found this little gem below which she subsequently mailed to me.

The envelope only measures 12cm by 8cm and is in brilliant condition for being 90+ years old! However, I also loved the accompanying explanation of how the owner got it;

“I don’t remember exactly how I came to have this little item but it certainly came in a collection of stuff bought in a London auction.  I dealt in antique textiles and lace  in Portobello Road from 1980 to 2000 and bought job lots of textiles which might have come from house clearances. There would be suitcases of belongings and sometimes envelopes were used to wind lengths of lace around. That may be where I found this. It’s a nostalgia for a period not too far away to be unimaginable I suppose though that display doesn’t really bear thinking about!”

I’m amazed such a fragile little piece of paper has survived so long and its a lovely tie in to the Peacock photo. I don’t know if anyone else locally will find this of interest but I hope so.

Stay safe everyone