Five reasons buyers want a video tour of your property

Video viewings – sellers, do you need one?


One thing I’ve noticed over recent months chatting with viewers is the amazing amount of positive feedback we’ve been getting from our video viewings. Whether its on complicated unorthodox homes or your average three bed semi, the number of views we have been tracking on our videos has been really surprising. I wouldn’t say we are selling homes from videos (and I’d be pretty uncomfortable taking an offer just from a video viewing as I’m certain you need to “feel” a house by standing in it) but I’m sure they are contributing massively to success with clients homes. This week, I’ve been discussing this with the viewers I have met at houses we have videos for and together we’ve come up with the following five reasons buyers want a video tour;


Covid – buyers want to weed out unsuitable properties before they take time off work, travel or risk leaving isolation. Videos are the best way to get maximum information in minimum time. You’ll find viewing numbers decrease if you use a video in your marketing but the quality of the viewings will be massively increased.

Flow – still photos are all well and good but video walkthroughs help you instantly understand the layout and the flow of a property. Even with a simple design of house, some viewers can’t work out from photos or plans what goes where so give them an easy to understand 2min tour. Well done videos even give you the aspects from the property out to gardens, views or parking which adds immensely to the store of necessary info a viewer needs to decide to view.

Honesty – lets face it, estate agents photos are fairly infamous for being a bit, shall we say, “enhanced”. Its far more difficult to showcase a property in its best light on a video so viewers know they are getting the raw truth. Its even better if the video is obviously a little “amateur”. If you can see the agent appearing in a mirror occasionally or the camera wobbles a bit going upstairs, don’t worry – I promise your viewers really appreciate knowing this is a “real time” tour.

Sharing – if you like the look of a property, you’re going to want to ask opinions of friends or family. Maybe you can go and view the house but your wife can’t as she’s at work that day? Share the video – its quick, easy and will give your friends or relatives max info to comment on.

Reminders – maybe you have been to see the house physically but you’ve then forgotten some details or wish you’d checked this or that. Check the video – you might get the answer without having to go back again in person.

By the way, when we’re talking about video tours or walkthroughs we really do mean a proper continuous 2 – 5min walk round the property. Lots of agents still seem to use a slideshow of still photos interspersed with some commercial shots of happy couples or 360degree room photos but this just doesn’t wash with the viewing public.

If you’ve clicked “video tour” or “online viewing” on Rightmove etc, you don’t want the same photos you’ve seen on the advert and none of the above points can be achieved. None of us here would pretend to be Steven Spielberg but it takes very little time to use a decent camera, plan your route and then film a short video. It takes even less time to upload it to YouTube, link it to the property advert and voila!

Less timewasters, more quality viewers, quicker understanding and a lot more trust from buyer to agent to seller. Win win all round.

Stay safe everyone


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