Which type of agent is best for you?

Which flavour of estate agent is best for you?

If you’re after a coffee on your way to work, how many choices do you have now? Are you a specialist single origin bean to cup connoisseur, fancy a chat with your favourite barista or a quick grab from a convenience store machine?

In the same way as other industries, estate agency has also been evolving over recent years in terms of working practices – from what was once a slew of very similar city centre offices, different models of agent have emerged to offer choice to the consumer. As a seller, you now have options to pick from a whole range from traditional high street agents to remote franchise operatives or even purely online. Within each category, there are differences too – if we look at high street agents as an example, do you want independent agents or corporate chains? Are there benefits to owners to pick a particular type and style of agent?

The answer is absolutely yes – different types of agents will have specialities and strengths that sellers may find beneficial and it may depend on the type of property as to which agent might suit you best. For example, in Bath there are agents that specialise in only apartment sales, in particular areas of the city or in specific value brackets.


Cost is another way to choose of course – if you’re interested in the difference between fees then it could be worth getting a selection of different types of agent to value and quote. However, you may then wish to consider comparing savings made against service delivered.

Although it goes against the grain of many sellers thinking, try looking at your property from a buyers point of view – if you were considering purchasing your home, which agent would you expect to see it with? Buyers often gravitate to those agents who consistently sell a particular bracket of home or have a majority presence in the area they like. Success follows success after all.

It is also worth considering the effects of the experience dealing with the agent. Accessibility, communication, knowledge and a dearth of pressure selling always goes down well with buyers and happy buyers make sellers happy too.

Lastly, don’t forget the facts – which agents actually perform best for your type of home? There are comparison sites for agents just like every other industry which can give you stats and reviews to help your decision.

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