Aerial photos of Bath

Aerial photos of Bath – first published in the Bath Chronicle “Down Memory Lane” feature during 2001 and initially taken by the Aerofilm company. With thanks to our lovely client Russell, who found these at the bottom of his wardrobe whilst moving and wanted to donate them to our collection! Each photo has a brief… Read More

Exploring the local history of Bath from inside the property industry

I make no secret of my passion for local history and thoroughly enjoy poking around the library or searching the web to see what I can learn. I’m also an avid collector of old photographs, postcards and maps of Bath, which always brings complaints from the kids when I drag them yet again to a… Read More

Bath Abbey historical notes and photos

“Said by many, and with much reason, to occupy a portion of the site of the Roman Basilica, wholly destroyed during the interval between the departures of the Romans and the Saxon Conquest. On the same, or portion of the same, site the Saxon Cathedral of Offa also stood” (R.E.M Peach “Street-Lore of Bath”). “King… Read More

Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath – the evolution of a community high street

    Sparked by a chance conversation with another Moorland Road shop owner, I thought I could do with a little historical research project in my copious spare time! The aim was to illustrate the many changes in our local community “high street” over approx 80yrs. In the spreadsheet below, you’ll find a list of trades and occupations… Read More

Bath War Hospital

Kindly donated by the Skehan family, this photo shows a group of recovering servicemen posing with a nurse in the sensory garden outside the Bath War Hospital huts. Dated between 1916 and 1922. The Bath War Hospital opened in 1916, with 1000 beds and an operating theatre. The structures were demolished in 1929 and the site on… Read More

Stunning Mendip cottage

Instructed on Tuesday and already achieving a 12.6% click thru rate on Rightmove, with 7 viewings booked for the first open house tomorrow, this gorgeous detached cottage is located in one of the most sought after villages SW of Bath. A stunning detached three bedroom 1828 built Mendip cottage on the eastern edge of Timsbury… Read More