Moorland Road shopping and Christmas lights switch on

With the Bath Christmas Market starting this Thursday (24th Nov) and going on until the 11th December, the city centre will again be a mecca for Christmas shoppers from far and wide. This event brings in a huge amount of revenue for stallholders, charity collections and city businesses alike every year but the throng of visitors… Read More

Early autumn Bath property market figures

After a bit of a break for beachcombing and ice cream, we are back to the coalface with a vengeance in September. As the kids filter back to school, buyers eyes turn back to the property market in Bath. As I discussed in my column last week in the Chronicle, between the end of the… Read More

Brexit and the Bath property market – July figures

From calls received and questions levied on valuations, I think the burning question on everyone’s lips at present is “what will Brexit mean for the housing market?” I don’t mind admitting my initial thoughts that fateful Friday morning mainly revolved around how many sales might fall apart that day and I know I was far… Read More

Bite sized estate agency

Over the last month or two, I’ve started to write a regular column for the Bath Chronicle property supplement – I’m finding it pretty tough to squeeze what I want to say into only 250 words but enjoying the challenge! When I was first invited to contribute, I sat down and thought about what kind of messages… Read More

AquEye and the best views of Bath

Plans were announced last week for a proposed £5 million observation tower project called AquEye in Bath and have already stirred up a storm of comments in Twitter and on local letters pages. Located on the sluice gate island next to Pulteney Weir, 25 visitors per trip would be swung up from the Parade Gardens… Read More

Bath property market update – August 2015

Quiet for the holidays? Far from it! Although a goodly proportion of clients are away on the beach, there’s plenty of activity from those who remain. At our Moorland Rd & George St offices, we’ve seen lots of offers coming in over the last fortnight and a steady stream of new instructions – most of which have… Read More

Four tips on vetting your estate agent

Lots of valuations done this week and as usual I’ve been asking the owners I meet what research they’ve done on the estate agents they’ve chosen to invite out to value their homes. Four tips below cobbled together from their answers; Tip 1 Check their Rightmove listings – not just for suitability for your property but… Read More

Online house price calculators vs estate agents

“I don’t need you to tell me how much my house is worth – I can just as easily look online and I’ll find out in 10 seconds” “You’re asking too much for this property – I checked what they paid for it online and the website said it was worth XXX” Both familiar comments… Read More