What puts you off a property on Rightmove?

Opinions needed! When you’re looking at properties on the internet, what puts you off contacting the agent/requesting more details? We’ve been discussing this issue with our clients over the past month and have already heard some interesting opinions, so we thought it would be a good time to collect together some opinions and see if… Read More

Paper advertising vs property websites

With some local competitors no longer advertising in the city property newspaper, we thought it would be worthwhile analysing a selection of our own adverts to see whether our expenditure was worthwhile. We’re hearing more and more from industry pundits that property websites generate the most leads on any given home (and at the price they… Read More

Social Media brings new business for estate agents in Bath

 Estate agency is a traditional business at the best of times but, with the majority of the public actively using social media on a daily basis, why shouldn’t agents make their clients lives easier by communicating in this way? Lines of communication like Twitter, Facebook and blogs can be used for so much more than… Read More