Aerial photos of Bath

Aerial photos of Bath – first published in the Bath Chronicle “Down Memory Lane” feature during 2001 and initially taken by the Aerofilm company. With thanks to our lovely client Russell, who found these at the bottom of his wardrobe whilst moving and wanted to donate them to our collection! Each photo has a brief… Read More

AquEye and the best views of Bath

Plans were announced last week for a proposed £5 million observation tower project called AquEye in Bath and have already stirred up a storm of comments in Twitter and on local letters pages. Located on the sluice gate island next to Pulteney Weir, 25 visitors per trip would be swung up from the Parade Gardens… Read More

The origins of a road – St Johns Rd and Bathwick

Bathwick History Bathwick was originally named “Wiche” or “Wicke” (old English for a farmstead), the prefix Bath being added later to distinguish the place from many others of the name. From the days of the Conqueror, who included it among the numerous West Country properties which was granted to Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances in reward… Read More

Bathwick road names

Some trivia for Bathwick residents – the origins of some of the road names in the Bathwick ward Bathwick Road Names – associated with the Pulteney family or their successors. Alva Street (not built) – William Johnstone Pulteney. Johnstone family of Alva, Scotland. Great Annandale Street (not built) – William Johnstone Pulteney. Connection with the… Read More

Photos of Bath – Lansdown, Bathwick, Widcombe, Royal Crescent and the city centre

These pictures and many more are posted in an album on our Facebook page. Although not strictly directly useful for estate agency in Bath, we find our clients appreciate us going the extra mile to show purchasers the environment around the properties we have for sale. We’ve also been pleasantly surprised at the number of members… Read More