Eight features buyers want on your property advert

Eight features buyers want on your property advert   We spend a lot of time on valuations and viewings listening to feedback and discussing what our clients want to see (and what they don’t want) in their property adverts or in the brochures of the homes they are looking to buy. From these conversations, we… Read More

Brochures – how properly checking yours can really pay off

You’ve chosen your estate agent. The measuring and photos are done so I’d hope the next step is for your agent to send you the brochures to approve. Given the information below, they certainly should; Code of Practice for Residential Estate Agents Section 7 clause J – “Prior to commencement of marketing, the written details… Read More

The origins of a road – St Johns Rd and Bathwick

Bathwick History Bathwick was originally named “Wiche” or “Wicke” (old English for a farmstead), the prefix Bath being added later to distinguish the place from many others of the name. From the days of the Conqueror, who included it among the numerous West Country properties which was granted to Geoffrey, Bishop of Coutances in reward… Read More

Beautiful presentation makes all the difference

This stunning country cottage just south of Bath had been languishing on the market with two “upper market” Bath agents for 2 years. Cardinal marketing sins committed included grey unfocused photos (never updated), limited newspaper advertising, unaccompanied viewings, boards left up for months, no feedback to vendors and multiple web entries per agent on Rightmove. Having… Read More

Thinking about Spring already?

 It may be ludicrous to say so whilst we’re firmly in the grip of Winter but Spring marketing starts now! January in Bath is traditionally a low point in property stock terms so those clients marketing homes in early Spring tend to see more activity and better conversion rates from viewings to offers. Spending time in a quiet period on… Read More