Could the cheapest fee actually end up costing you more?

Picking an estate agent on who has the cheapest fee isn’t often the best idea (nor on the highest price) but, after being sent the latest figures (data for BA2 in the last month) in the image below from GetAgent, we thought it would be worth a quick maths exercise to prove it The average… Read More

Spring 2017 Bath property market data snapshot

Now we are properly into Spring and the buds are blooming, here’s a snapshot of current Bath property market data versus our article from March last year to illustrate some significant changes. From the coalface, at Madison Oakley we have had a very fast start to the year with correctly priced properties attracting quick interest… Read More

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” from Virgil’s Aeneid has been paraphrased into the proverb “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. Originally used to warn of the danger of the Trojan Horse, the proverb now serves to warn of possible deception in general and it sprang to mind again yesterday when speaking with an owner who is… Read More