Online property valuations – are they worth using?

Online property valuations – are they worth using? Online valuations are a computer-based estimation with no detailed knowledge of the specifics of the property but can be a good starting point for owners – you can get a rough price range instantly and for free from the comfort of your sofa without having to talk… Read More

Three facts you need to know from your agent

Three facts to find out from estate agents What if I said you could find out three facts about the estate agents you’ve invited to meet up with and get a pretty accurate idea of how good they are, rather than listening to sales pitch after sales pitch? Sounds good, I bet? Would you ask… Read More

Take five

Take five; Sellers – get your IPad out and save five minutes for five quick checks before estate agents valuations It’s the day you’ve booked to for all the estate agents to come round – before each one turns up, take five with a cuppa of your choice and have a whip round the five… Read More


Sitting down with a client in her home last week, we started discussing the potential value of the house and she asked me to explain how it is that we arrive at prices. As a recent geography masters graduate, she got the point immediately – its all about triangulation. Whether you’re talking about geography, navigation,… Read More

Thanks but no thanks

As stock levels remain extremely low across Bath and some estate agent head office beancounters feel the pinch of low figures as a result, the last fortnight has seen letterboxes in the city jammed open again with yet another freshly printed batch of glossy agents leaflets. Generic leaflets through your door are a fact of… Read More