Exploring the local history of Bath from inside the property industry

I make no secret of my passion for local history and thoroughly enjoy poking around the library or searching the web to see what I can learn. I’m also an avid collector of old photographs, postcards and maps of Bath, which always brings complaints from the kids when I drag them yet again to a… Read More

Moorland Road, Oldfield Park, Bath – the evolution of a community high street

    Sparked by a chance conversation with another Moorland Road shop owner, I thought I could do with a little historical research project in my copious spare time! The aim was to illustrate the many changes in our local community “high street” over approx 80yrs. In the spreadsheet below, you’ll find a list of trades and occupations… Read More

The origins of a road – Shakespeare Avenue and Bear Flat

Bear Flat, Poets Corner and Beechen Cliff – Bear Flat is south of central Bath, largely built during the early years of the reign of King Edward VII. The Wellsway runs through Bear Flat and originally this was the main pilgrimage route from Bath (with its Abbey) to Wells (with its cathedral). ‘Flat’ may be derived from… Read More

More old photos of Bath

Taken during the Second World War we think or certainly after the Bath Blitz of 1942 – Victoria Park below the Crescent has been segmented into Dig for Victory allotments and the remains of St Andrews Church are still standing behind the Crescent, albeit without its spire.  A view of Camden Crescent that would be impossible to take… Read More

Mayfield Road – spectacular views!

Superb views over Weston & Lansdown and a garage make this solid two bedroom two reception Victorian home stand out from the crowd. Tucked away just south of Moorland Road and thus ideal for investment buyers, the house is in fine condition for its age but now needs a little upgrading to reach top spec…. Read More

History of Oldfield Park road names

Oldfield Park is an area of Bath rarely featured in the city’s history. “In the late 19th century, there was a building boom in Bath to rival the activity in the Regency period. At the time, the city council was involved in improving civic amenities so private investment in speculative building financed extensive suburban housing… Read More